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A nice recording is the first step towards a nice record. With acoustically excellent recording spaces, a broad selection of high-end microphones and well-trained engineers, Nice Recordings can offer you the first step towards a great sounding record.
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There is no great record without a great mix. Mixing is an art form, it is the ‘make or break of a track. Nice Recordings mixes on a world class analogue API console with a lot of analogue high-end outboard gear. Our talented engineers will bring out the best in your music and help you realize your dream.



Mastering is the final step of the record making process. This is when you take several tracks and make them sound like an actual record. This is when you bring every last bit of energy out of your first single and get it ready for distribution.

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Studio owner / Engineer
With a master engineering degree and a passion for music, Damien Smets created a convivial space where sound is brought to the next level.



Producer / Engineer
With a master degree as music producer and more than 10 years’ experience as a musician,Jussi De Nys will set the right vibe and get the right sound to give you an inspiring studio time.

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